The British Red Cross

The British Red Cross society is one of the largest nonprofit health care organizations that are dedicated to the sole purpose of saving lives of people irrespective of their caste, religion and race.

The motto or mission of this organization is put forth as ‘Caring For people in Crisis'. The members of staff and volunteers have to keep the following principles in mind before going about their tasks. They are: humanity, impartiality, unity, neutrality, university, voluntary service and independence.

This organization was formed in the year 1870 and since has contributed a lot to the overall medical scenario and disaster management in the world. From the outbreak of the First World War to the Second World War this organization has provided medical help to millions of people and it is continuing to do so.

This organization is divided into four parts for the proper and even distribution of medical aid in the UK.

The British Red Cross operates an ambulance service as well as an ESU (emergency service unit) to aid people in distress. It also boasts of a well managed disaster management protocol that is ready to launch out in full preparedness when disaster strikes.

Apart from work connected with disaster management this organization also helps out those people who infected with life threatening diseases like cancer, HIV etc. It also operates a full fledges international refugee program since 1989 that has provided services to a number of distraught refugees. The volunteers with this organization are well trained professionals and abide by the principles taught to them. The organization also provides educational material and coaches aspiring volunteers on life saving procedures. You will see them in hospitals providing therapeutic counseling and care to patients who facing stressful moments in their lives. They are also active in home care programs and are reliable people to look back on when you are in need of any kind of help. The organization also provides a transport system for the old and ill to and from their destination.

Coming to international footing, this organization is at the forefront of the AIDS struggle and holds a number of awareness programs in S. Africa, china and Ethiopia. It has provided for people sources of clean drinking water and sanitation amenities in the South African countries. This agency also provides personnel to help people overseas who are affected by natural/manmade disasters. These personnel are known as delegates and are paid to work and contribute for the upkeep of those affected by such disasters. Thus in its own small way the British red cross contributes to international disaster management.

The organization relies a lot on fundraising programs for the collection of funds. It also relies on the sums of money that are donated by famous and well to do people. It also organizes first aid courses and capitalizes on the income got. Though small donations are always arriving, it is the weight of corporate donations that make a difference to this society. It's true that nonprofit healthcare goes a long way to reflect the welfare of any society.