Searching for affordable long distance handicapped medical transportation?

Inevitably the handicapped are going to have to travel long distances at some point in time. Often this is done because of the need for more advanced medical care. This of course creates the problem of just how do they go about getting where they need to be. In the past this was almost always done by ambulance but these days it is starting to be done more and more by private companies since they can do it in a much more cost effective way.

medical transport photo In the past if you needed an affordable way for a handicapped person to travel long distances you really had few options. Most of the time you were limited to the use of an ambulance for this service. This of course is far from an affordable option. The problem with ambulances is that they are designed for emergency medical transport, they are not set up to be run like a business. Therefore they charge you for the service based on whatever it costs them to provide it. However they figure that out it is almost always a very expensive way to have to get around.

The other problem that you have if you are using an ambulance for long distance medical transportation for the handicapped is that it takes a valuable resource away. Ambulances are required to be on standby in the event of an emergency, after all that is what they are for. With no other options for helping the disabled to get around they have had to take on that role as well but this is really not the best solution to the problem. Not only is it not good for the community but it is also not good for the person being transported. You are basically stuck working around their schedule they will get to you when they can. Not really a great option if you need to be somewhere at a certain time.

Fortunately there is a new option for people Searching for affordable long distance handicapped medical transportation? Eastern Royal Medical Transport is able to offer long distance transportation services to both the handicapped and the elderly. They can do this at a much lower price than it would cost if you had to use an ambulance. They can do this because they are actually set up to be run as a business, which means they actually know how to figure out their costs.

A lot of people are still not comfortable with the idea of using a private service for their long distance medical transport needs because of the requirement that they have medical care nearby. Fortunately these days this is really not an issue as the modern vehicles all carry properly qualified medical staff and are equipped with everything that they would need in an emergency. This makes them an excellent alternative to an ambulance.