Overview Of Non-Profit Health Care Organizations

Nonprofit health care is also known as non for-profit health care is for needy and the poor. Nonprofit health care organizations or a nonprofit organization is the one which doesn't distribute its funds to owners or any other share holders. Instead of distributing the funds it uses them for providing healthcare to the poor. Generally most government organizations are nonprofit, but there are other organizations too which work for no profit. These organizations work with a mission to protect uninsured patients and provide free healthcare and medicines to the poor.

Nonprofit organizations can be distinguished from for-profit organizations in terms of taxes, earnings, services and public benefit. It is said that a nonprofit organization looks at health care of community as a duty. A profit organization on the other hand works for the shareholders and owners but not for community benefits. Nonprofit services are provided by local, state or federal entities. Most of these nonprofit organizations earn benefits called as surplus. This surplus is not used by the organization but is saved for future to help cure poor patients. Nonprofit organizations are mostly charities or some social organizations. A nonprofit hospital is the one that works for well being of community. It works for free and provides sufficient health care to poor. In 2003 there were nearly 3900 hospitals in USA, out of these hospitals, 62% of them are nonprofit. Today, this percentage has increased and this has made it easy for people get good health care.

In USA there are three types of nonprofit health care organizations. One is the American medical association. The other one is American cancer society and the third one is World Vision Foundation. American medical association is populated with general membership. The American cancer society is like a charity foundation. It works on cancer and tries to cure cancer patients. The World vision foundation motto is to "sponsor a child today, help change everything for a child in need". This is a private organization incorporated and managed by private individuals. While all these organizations work for social welfare some of the other organizations also give them a helping hand.

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