The Best Long Distance Medical Transportation Option for Elderly and Disabled Patients

There will be times when it is necessary for the elderly or the disabled to travel long distances. When this happens it raises the issue of finding the best way to do it. There are several options available so the best one will depend largely on the circumstances. In general the more mobile your loved one is the more options you will have for their transportation, although distance will play a major factor as well.

There are several options that you have if a loved one who is elderly or disabled needs to travel long distances. The first option may be for them to fly commercially. In order for this to be a viable option they will need to be able to get around fairly well in a wheel chair and be able to control their bodily functions for the duration of the flight. That means that no diapers or tubes or anything similar are necessary. In this case it is usually possible to fly commercially but you should contact the airline ahead of time to verify this. It may also be a good idea to look into hiring a medical attendant for the trip.

If your loved one is not able to make the trip by commercial airliner then you are going to have to look at other options. The best of these in most cases would be long distance ground transportation. There are a few options available here, the first is transport by van. This is ideal for patients who are confined to a wheel chair or who can sit on their own and who are only going a relatively short distance. Realistically trips by van should be limited to about three hours in length.

If the patient needs to go a longer distance or they are not able to sit on their own then it will be necessary to make the trip by stretcher. This is a much more comfortable way to travel since it does not require the patient to remain seated. In addition it allows for a greater level of care in the event that a medical problem occurs along the way. You should visit to learn more about your long distance non-emergency medical transport options.

If you are going to have your loved one transported by ground you are going to want to make sure that the company that you hire for the job is reputable and has experience. This is why Eastern Royal Medical Transport is the ideal choice. If you need long distance medical transportation for elderly and disabled patients. Call (800)696-1495. Or if you prefer you can also make the arrangements on their website at They will be able to advise you on the best option for transporting your loved one.